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USMGE 2019- Relocates and Re-Installs Over 100,000 Square feet of Modular Buildings for School Systems, Commercial and Federal Government Agencies

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When relocating becomes an issue for any type of situation, it is a large undertaking that can ultimately take a large amount of planning, time, and money. Speed and dependability cannot be matched with an inexperienced setup crew. For some, the task of relocating can even end up being a regular occurrence due to changing demographics. Although the time and expense that is involved in relocating modular buildings is a huge factor, institutions and companies also have to take into consideration the inconvenience of employees and other types of personnel while the new offices or schools/ renovations are under construction. However, with the flexibility that modular buildings provide, changes are not a problem as modular building relocation can be accomplished very efficiently and quickly.

USMGE is a leader in the field of modular building relocation. Our relocation services are geared to saving those in need a considerable amount of expense and valuable time when they need to relocate and reinstall their modular buildings.

When you have USMGE assisting your modular building relocation needs, there is nothing left undone in the way of relocation. We are a full turnkey organization. You are provided with the highest level of service and support during each phase, such as the transportation, the removal, and the installation of your modular buildings to the relocation site.

Service and support you can expect during the removal and transportation process of modular building relocation includes the following:

· Complete disconnect of the modular buildings (pipes, conduit, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.)
· The removal and disposal of existing structures such as steps, decks and canopies.
· Separation process of the modules.
· Preparation of the modules for the relocation process.
· Holes that require backfilling and asphalt that requires patches are swiftly taken care of.
· Fast and efficient transportation of the modular building relocation.
· Site restoration is completed from removal of debris, to reseeding of affected landscaped areas.

Service and support you can expect during the installation process of modular building relocation includes the following:

· Preparation of the modular building relocation from grading to the setting of ground level asphalt pads.
· Efficient transportation of modules and placement on the relocation site.
· Assembly and reconnection of each module.
· Needed steps, canopies, and decks are constructed.
· Plumbing, electrical, and low voltage systems are properly connected at the modular building relocation.


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