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As a commercial business entity, your venture is dependent on the space you have and how you use it.

Many businesses have a space problem; they either have too much or too little.

When a business has more floor space than they need, they end up wasting money on energy and cost per square foot. If the company has too little space, the employees, the customers and the inventory all share the same space, resulting in an unprofessional décor and endless clutter.

Modular can eliminate these problems. If your enterprise is experiencing unprecedented growth, adding a modular unit can provide the right amount of space at the right time. On the other hand, if your business is shrinking due to gains in efficiency or prudent fiscal planning, unnecessary modular units can be removed to reduce overhead costs. Since modular projects take weeks, instead of months, you get the type of building you need when you need it.

Examples of commercial industries where modular plays a key role include office buildings, laboratories and construction site facilities.

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USMGE Flex Space provides solutions through the use of varying size modules to configure the required space needed to accommodate the site footprint.

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