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Does your school or school client need a new facility or temporary space? Problem
Call US Modular Group East, Inc (USMGE) today.
USMGE is an established modular building and services provider, specializing in 
affordable facilities for public, private and charter schools.
We provide design assistance to customize each facility to our client's needs, budget,
and timeline. TEAMING with USMGE, full turnkey project support will save your school
precious time and money by seeking out innovative problem solving solutions not 
ordinarily offered by others.

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US Modular Group East, Inc. (USMGE) awarded Blanket Contract for Lease of Modular Buildings, Modular Classrooms, Modular Offices and Modular Daycare Facilities for Baltimore Region.

On Behalf of The Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee (BRCPC) US Modular Group East (USMGE) was awarded in 2008 thru November 2013 Contract # MBU-506-09 for the Lease of Modular Classrooms.

The scope of work is for the LEASE [under firm fixed pricing] of new or used

Portable/Relocatable Modular Classrooms for use at existing schools sites. The

specifications include a "turn-key" combination of manufacturing/construction,

minimal site work, dry block foundation, concrete foundations (if applicable),

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A Howard County elementary school Case Study

A Howard County, Md. Elementary school is undergoing an extensive Renovation and Addition construction project complete with new geothermal energy installation. To accommodate the displacement of a large portion of the student population, a modular classroom complex was required. USMGE provided a 6,048 SF swing space complex which will be used by students and teachers for the 18 month construction timeline. USMGE provided the turnkey services in 49 days. All permitting was secured by USMGE.

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Why Modular???

Modular structures are especially useful in situations where conventional construction costs exceed budget or where time is critical. Our scope of experience ranges from single/ doublewides to multi-unit complexes as well as multi-story and non-combustible structures. We are also experienced in constructing modular buildings that will match the existing architectural design of any adjacent building on your site.