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US Modular Group East, Inc. (USMGE) awarded Blanket Contract for Lease of Modular Buildings, Modular Classrooms, Modular Offices and Modular Daycare Facilities for Baltimore Region.


On Behalf of The Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee (BRCPC) US Modular Group East (USMGE) was awarded in 2008 thru November 2013 Contract # MBU-506-09 for the Lease of Modular Classrooms.

The scope of work is for the LEASE [under firm fixed pricing] of new or used

Portable/Relocatable Modular Classrooms for use at existing schools sites. The

specifications include a "turn-key" combination of manufacturing/construction,

minimal site work, dry block foundation, concrete foundations (if applicable),

transportation of modular units to site, setting in place, assembly of new modular  units, installation of ADA compliant ramps, decks, railings.  Schools and other eligible purchasers may use this procurement avenue to lease modular classrooms (otherwise known as portable classrooms and/or relocatable classrooms), modular offices, modular daycare facilities, or any other modular construction projects.


Since being awarded this contract US Modular Group East (USMGE) has provided modular building services under the Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee Contract # MBU-506-09 as outlined in the aforementioned scope of work to:


  • Imagine Schools - Modular Classroom - Prince Georges County.
  • Baltimore County Public Schools- 6 Separate Modular Classrooms-Dundalk High School
  • Baltimore County Food Services- Modular Office Building
  • Turning Point Academy - Modular Classroom Complex-Prince Georges County
  • Howard County Public Schools- Modular Classroom – Phelps Luck Elementary


Savings are realized through: Purchasing in quantity and consolidating the administrative costs associated with procurement.


School Purchasers and Facilities Managers can inquire about Modular Classroom Buildings through this “best value” Leasing Contract- piggy backing arrangement can be made by following the normal Baltimore County Public School purchasing procedures as outlined in Contract # MBU-506-09 or by following the contact links below.

For additional information please contact:

US Modular Group East, Inc. (USMGE)

410-557-6563 or

Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee (BRCPC)