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Why Modular???


Modular structures are especially useful in situations where conventional construction costs exceed budget or where time is critical. Our scope of experience ranges from single/ doublewides to multi-unit complexes as well as multi-story and non-combustible structures. We are also experienced in constructing modular buildings that will match the existing architectural design of any adjacent building on your site.

Benefits of Modular construction versus traditional 'site-built' construction include:

SPEED   Modular buildings are built significantly faster than traditional construction and production is not affected by changes in weather, since fabrication is done mainly indoors.

VERSATILITY Modular buildings can grow, shrink and relocate to other sites to respond to fluctuations in business activity or demographic changes

PRICE  Modular construction usually costs about fifteen percent less than traditional construction. As part of our turnkey service, design assistance is available for our group of professionals with each having over 18 year’s average industry experience.