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modular building Relocation Services

One of the best features of modular construction is the ability to move the structure from one site to another as needed. For many modular customers, adding a structure is a temporary solution to a short-term goal. Relocation services are often utilized by school districts that must rapidly respond to changing demographics, such as increased or decreased class sizes.

With that in mind, USMGEâ„¢ offers a full range of services to support the transportation and relocation of buildings to or from your site.

Our typical, full turn-key removal process includes:

  • Disconnecting the modular structure from plumbing, electrical service and low voltage systems - such as fire alarms, phone/fax/network, public address systems and security systems. We also cap-off exterior connections and seal items in weatherproof boxes.
  • Removing and disposing of existing decks, steps and canopies.
  • Separating modules from each other.
  • Preparing each module for shipment to new locations.
  • Backfilling of holes and patching asphalt, as needed.
  • Transport each module to its new location.
  • Site restoration:
    • Both fine and rough grading of the area
    • Removal of rubble and debris
    • Remove and dispose of asphalt pads at the ground level
    • Reseed and straw affected landscape areas

Our typical, full turn-key installation process includes:

  • Site Preparation
    • Both fine and rough grading of the area
    • Setting asphalt pads at ground level
  • Refurbish a currently deployed modular building, if necessary
  • Transport the module from either the factory or an existing deployment site
  • Place the module in the correct position on the site
  • Assembly and connection of modules into units
  • Construction of decks, steps and canopies
  • Connect the structure to plumbing, electrical and low voltage systems