Case Study

Veteran Administration Mental Health Center

The VA Medical Center (VMAC) in Hampton, VA has seen a dramatic increase in their client population as the Iraqi War is increasing the number of returning soldiers in need of rehabilitation.

The engineering staff at VMAC developed a remediation plan that called for a 5,040 square foot modular space to serve as patient interview and exam areas, in addition to staff offices. In addition to the floor plan requirements, the bidding was established as a set-aside for Small Business Disadvantaged Veteran Business (SBDV) only. The complexity of the floor plan, in conjunction with the bidding restriction would be a deciding factor in USMGE™?s successful bid.

USMGE™'s Newport News office bid as a subcontractor to the SBDV prime contractor, American Veteran Construction Company. Utilizing a turn-key solution and hydraulic equipment to place the six modular units, USMGE™ was able to eliminate the high cost of a crane lift operation. In addition to using cutting edge technology, USMGE™ also provided the majority of the site service work, which has helped USMGE™ form a long-term business partner ship with American Veteran Construction Company.