USMGE consist of a project management and sales team with 100+ years of modular building experience in providing full turnkey project support and solutions to include building design assistance, engineering, building construction, site development and permitting.

USMGE has the organization and sub contractor network necessary to develop and manage a project from the initial design phase to delivering the keys to our customer. In addition to the strength of our team, USMGE has a documented custom project process that provides the guidelines and requirements for all phases on a project. The most important of these steps is "Implementation". We will on all major projects provide a full-time dedicated site supervisor, who would coordinate all phases of construction, with the requirement of delivering a project on time and on budget. A satisfied customer is our primary objective.

USMGE also specializes in the relocation and reinstallation of existing modular buildings.

USMGE Customers are its #1 priority. Our commitment is to partner with our customers and provide an unmatched level of service to make your project successful and have a "customer for life".

We pride ourselves on being responsive.

Benefits of Modular
  • Speed
    Modular buildings are built significantly faster than traditional construction and production is not affected by changes in weather, since fabrication is done mainly indoors.
  • Versatility
    Modular buildings can grow, shrink and relocate to other sites in response to fluctuations in business activity or demographic changes.
  • Price
    Modular construction usually costs about fifteen percent less than traditional construction. As part of our turn-key service, design assistance is available from our group of professionals.

Financial Options

imageUSMGE™, Inc. understands adding square footage and modular buildings to your site can be a costly, although necessary, expense to your business. To that end, USMGE™ provides a series of financial options to help you expand your enterprise without breaking the stride of your fiscal growth.

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Relocation Services

One of the best features of modular construction is the ability to move the structure from one site to another as needed. For many modular customers, adding a structure is a temporary solution to a short-term goal. With that in mind, USMGE™ offers a full range of services to support the transportation of modular buildings to, or from, your site.

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